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Sorghum white

Sorghum white
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

One of the little-known in the domestic market crop is sorghum, which worldwide is very popular and takes on the volume of production of the fifth place among cereals. Sorghum is a crop of spring, which is characterized by high productivity and an excellent resistance to drought and salinity. The plant is used as a technical, food and feed raw materials, finding wide application in many fields.

Varieties of cereal grains used for the production of flour and starch, herbaceous - Silage and silage, varieties of sugar produce biofuels and sugar syrup, and technical grade are used as blanks for brooms and woven products.

The nutritional value of sorghum is very high, as in the grain contains a set of essential vitamins, including the whole group of vitamins B. This herb is known for its striking drawback - low digestibility, which are fighting breeders in many countries.

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Humidity - max. 13.5% Grain admixture - max. 5% Weed impurity - max. 2%

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Year of harvest:2017
Information is up-to-date: 29.01.2018

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