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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Sell canary in bags.

Weed impurity - 1.0%

Grain - 1.0%,

Moisture - 10%

The company "Al Zhagush Muhammad Mahdi 'recommends canary buy in bulk . It cereals mainly used as feed for canaries and other songbirds. However, it should be noted that as the food is presented in conjunction with other cereals. Excellent growing throughout the world, except Antarctica. Particularly fond of the plant moist soil, so it can often be found near water.

Seeds it have a high nutritional value because of them may produce and barley flour, to obtain grain. Green weight goes on hay and silage. To all the seeds are actively used in cotton production. The very same plant are planted along the coastal slopes with a view to strengthening them, as well as a groundcover, or "carpet" plant.

By purchasing our exports to the canary , you get a high-grade product, its performance meets all the requirements of the State Standard. You wish we ate canary seed to buy , execute shown online application. If you encounter various issues with respect to said product, be sure to contact us at the phone number shown in the "Contact Us".

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Trash admixture: 1,0 %
Year of harvest:2016
Humidity: 10 %
Grain admixture: 1,0 %
Information is up-to-date: 29.01.2018

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